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Have you tried in vain to become pain free?

Do the pains overshadow your life and make you feel powerless?

Do you want to restore confidence in your body?

Do scans show that everything is normal?

Do you want your everyday life back without pain?

Have you tried rehabilitation, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy etc. without success?

Do you want to understand your pain and get tools to deal with it?

Contact us and have a non-binding talk about how we can help you get rid of the pain

Pain treatment at OPTIMUS

What is chronic pain?

The WHO's new classification system describes persistent pain that has lasted for more than 3 months as Chronic pain . A slightly inappropriate term, as these prolonged pains may well disappear again, but they can also last.

Where acute pain alerts the body to a potential danger that results in some form of relief or protection of the painful area until the natural healing process is over, then chronic / prolonged pain is an energy-draining condition that can be limiting for our daily lives and joy of life.

Why does chronic pain develop?


Pain is a complex quantity and there are many explanatory models for why chronic pain develops in certain individuals.

The latest research suggests that we need to change our understanding framework around pain and move away from old explanatory models based on anatomical and biomechanical causal relationships.

Good advice

Chronic pain

Think / speak positively about your body

Gradually challenge your comfort zone

Prioritize your sleep

Our experience of pain is controlled by the nervous system and involves both physical and emotional components.


The physical influences can be all kinds of sensory influences that our nervous system picks up through "sensory cells" in whole body and leads further up for processing in the brain. Examples of these influences can be:

  • The blow of a fall

  • The hand touching a hot hob

  • The foot stepping on a drawing pin on the floor


The brain receives this information and then creates a response, without your awareness - so one is triggered reflex . Depending on the type of physical impact and past experiences related to the same impact, this causes a reaction whose purpose is to ensure our survival. For example:

  • The brain creates the experience of pain after the fall, which causes us to protect the damaging area

  • The brain activates the muscles that can quickly pull the hand away from the hob

  • The brain activates the muscles that can quickly lift the foot off the floor


In chronic pain, the nervous system and the sensory cells that absorb the physical influences are hypersensitive. This means that it takes much less to trigger the survival reflexes and thereby the experience of pain.


With P-DTR, we can normalize these reflexes and remove the hypersensitivity of the nervous system

The emotional influences may be our past experiences, thoughts, concerns related to the pain and the context in which the pain occurs. Therefore, the term "fear-avoidance" is often used in modern pain science, where fear of a movement can lead to an avoidance of the movement and thus create a negative spiral for physical development.

It is therefore essential to become pain-free that you understand what pain is and how we humans affect the experience of pain.

The chronic pain that you experience is real in all its magnitude and intensity, but is a result of one  hypersensitive  nervous system, and a brain that is constantly on alert.

OPTIMUS - Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic treats long-term (chronic) pain with good results because we:

Based on your history and not the conclusions of your previous therapists, doctors or other professionals

Works from a form of treatment based on a scientific foundation of modern pain science, neurology, anatomy and biomechanics

Has specialized in a completely new form of treatment: P-DTR, which treats and "restarts" the nervous system

Teach our customers modern pain understanding so you can understand the complexity of pain - and what you can do to get better

If you are in doubt about whether we can help, call or write to us and get a free clarifying conversation in15 minutes.

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