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Insoles Åbyhøj | Aarhus

Personalized foot insoles

At OPTIMUS, we manufacture insoles that can relieve pain and problems related to flat feet, hollow feet, sunken forefoot, etc.

Book an appointment for a foot examination and body analysis - then we will ensure the perfect posts for you!

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3



Book your appointment for a Foot Exam.

Think about what shoes you want to have the insoles in.



For the consultation, you must bring the shoes in which the insoles are to be used.

We examine your foot and body thoroughly and measurements are taken for the insoles.

Running Shoes


The insoles are manufactured within 14 days.

We will call you when they are ready for pickup.

You start using them and receive instructions on the start-up phase.

Individually personalized insoles based on a holistic approach

Our feet are the foundation of the rest of the body and form a contact surface with the outside world. It is therefore important that feet have the most optimal conditions for.

There can be many challenges if, for example, you are flat-footed, hollow-footed or have problems with your Achilles tendon, heel, arch or forefoot. Symptoms can range from soreness to pain in eg foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, hip and lower back. OPTIMUS footpads can most likely remedy this.

We manufacture insoles based on a thorough, biomechanical examination and analysis of your feet and how your body moves.

The insoles are intended to correct the movements in the foot and are made with eg arch support or forefoot support, depending on your individual needs.

platfod hulfod nedsunken forfod

The foot and body analysis

Before the foot insoles are designed, a thorough examination and analysis of your body's biomechanics is first performed - ie. how your body is connected, joint by joint and how your body, as a whole, moves. The examination will therefore take place with you standing, moving and lying on a couch.

The reason why this is important is that the reason for any. foot problems can originate from a completely different place, such as the hip or pelvis.

Next, the ankle, heel, arch, forefoot, toes are specifically examined and measurements are made of key points which will later be used to shape the soles.

Note! Make sure you have clothes that allow for a good examination. Since we have to look at the whole body, please wear training pants or something else, so you can clearly see the location of the pelvis, hip, knees, ankle


Foot examination:


450 kr.

1050 kr.

Get a grip on the foundation! Book an appointment today and take the first step towards a better everyday life!

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