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Fysioterapi: FAQ


Results that can be felt!

Personal, individually tailored rehabilitation after an injury

Get the best results with supervised training

Physiotherapy with a holistic approach and with you at the center!

Increased strength, better mobility, healthier lifestyle

Direct access to Physiotherapy - without the need for a doctors referral.

My name is David Do. I provide specialized physiotherapy and have helped countless clients get their everyday lives back and get rid of problems such as:

Headache, dizziness & migraine

Neck & low back pain

Hip, knee and ankle pain

Shoulder pain

Rehabilitation after injuries

A course with a focus on correcting the body's limitations and creating freedom in everyday life

Your body is unique - so should the treatment be!

All clients are unique, each with their own injury history. Like a cup filled with water, past trauma can help to affect the body's current situation and limitations - if we can find the compensations and loosen up tense muscles and joints, the body itself begins to find the right balance again.

We work from top to toe, in depth and give you training exercises as a tool, so you can feel a quick effect 

Our brain is the command center that protects us - and pain and muscle tension are protective mechanisms. By manipulating, mobilizing, massaging and stretching the various joints and muscles individually and as a group, we can curb these protection mechanisms so that there is no longer a need to produce the pain experience. The result is less tension, better movement, less pain . It enables you to have a more effective rehabilitation!

You will gain an understanding of the pain mechanisms and how you can quickly influence the experience of pain in everyday life

Many may have a fear of moving when it hurts. It's never fun and the pain is complex and can seem overwhelming. We know today that fear can increase the degree of pain, and one often fears what one does not understand. Therefore, you will be offered instruction and guidance in pain mechanisms and how you can influence the pain in everyday life.

Statements from previous clients


"After not much more than three treatments, I was pain free, able to move my neck effortlessly again, just as my headache ceased."

"Several years ago I was exposed to a neck injury, and now again experienced increasing headaches, constant tension in the neck, limited mobility and sometimes stronger pain. I have complete confidence in his treatment and can warmly recommend him to everyone else. who may need a dedicated, professional and highly competent therapist. "

- Marianne

Frederik (1).jpg

"Today I am pain free and have a much better strength in both shoulder and elbow."

"David gets my warmest recommendation. After going for a long time with a tennis elbow and repeated visits to the doctor, I was referred to David. David is top professional in his approach and quickly located the cause. It meant I quickly got rid of the persistent pain and at the same time we could work preventively with both shoulder and elbow. "

- Frederik


"With David, there is always an opportunity and a hope to get better - he gives you a gentle push and shows the way to a happier and healthier body"

"I had pain in my shoulder, and besides, I had frequent and severe headaches. David has helped me with both. Today, both the pain in the shoulder and the headache are gone. Many thanks to David for his excellent help in getting rid of me. with the pain. It has given me joy and quality of life. "

- Birgitte

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