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Do you experience irritation in a muscle or tendon?

Have you overloaded a muscle or tendon?

Are you looking for pain relief here and now?

Do you have irritation and pain in the neck, shoulder, back, thigh or calf?

Do you need to normalize muscle tension around a joint for a while?

Acupuncture can help relieve joint pain and reduce tension in muscles and tendons.

Book an appointment for either Massage or Joint Manipulation and choose acupuncture as an additional benefit

Medical acupuncture at

OPTIMUS - Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic

Overall, there are two major groups within acupuncture:

  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture

  • Medical acupuncture

Where Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has roots and explanatory models within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Medical Acupuncture is based on modern health science principles and is based on the bio-psycho-social approach to clinical conditions.  

OPTIMUS - Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic offers Medical Acupuncture.

Experimental studies have shown that acupuncture has an effect locally in muscles and tendons, at the spinal cord level and "central effects" in the brain. Despite challenges related to placebo and double-blindness, both systematic reviews and large multicenter studies confirm significant and clinically relevant effects of acupuncture.


The best evidence is for the effect of chronic knee pain, low back pain, migraine and tension headaches and to some extent hip osteoarthritis, chronic neck pain and chronic shoulder pain. Documented effect, minimal side effects and "cost effectiveness" are thus important parameters for the potential of acupuncture in the established health system.

How does medical acupuncture work?

The last 30 years of research into the neurophysiological effects of acupuncture today lead to clear suggestions on its remedies.


Acupuncture can support local processes such as blood flow, while, at the spinal and cerebral level, limiting information about potential danger and injury.

Centrally (in the brain) acupuncture can cause  regulation of the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system, as well as improvement of sleep and general condition.

When using medical acupuncture, priority is given to points with strong local / segmental effects and points with strong central / general effects. 

Medical acupuncture is offered in addition to either Joint Manipulation or Massage

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