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Tensed muscles? Try Physiurgical massage

Are your muscles sore, tired and tense?

Do you feel stiff and restricted in your movement?

Do you need your body to feel relaxed before a competition?

Do you need to relieve muscle tension here and now?

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Massage at OPTIMUS - Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic

Muscle tension in the body is quite normal.

If we perform activities that we are not used to, such as moving, starting a new sport or exercise, we will most likely experience muscle soreness which can be uncomfortable and limit our movement.

What is massage?

Massage is a manual form of treatment - ie. that the therapist uses his hands to treat you.

Over time, there have been many theories as to why massage (and manual therapy) has a positive effect on our muscle tension.

Many explain that massage increases blood flow to the muscles and leaches waste products, resulting in a relaxed muscle with less pain. Unfortunately, there is not much research that suggests this is correct.

Recent studies suggest that our sense of relaxation and less soreness is due to a neurological response.

Many muscle tensions arise because the body has been engaged in unfamiliar or very physically strenuous activities such as exercise, but we can also tense up if we are challenged on the mental level. Worries, fears, anxiety and other things can cause the neck and shoulder muscles in particular to tense up.

There are many different types of massage available.

At OPTIMUS - Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic you can get a physiotherapy massage.


Physiotherapy massage is in-depth massage. Knowledge from anatomy is incorporated to form an overview of the muscle adhesion and origin. In this way, you can hit the entire abdominal muscle on the tense muscles, which may help to limit a movement or activity.


The in-depth massage can provide a good feeling of well-being, muscle relaxation and increased mobility.

Do you need to loosen up your muscles?

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