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Does your body need a "crack"?

Have you had an acute neck or lumbar sprain?

Do you feel stiff and restricted in your movement?

Should your body be fit to fight for a competition?

Do you need to normalize muscle tension around a joint for a while?

Book an appointment for joint manipulation and help the body regain flexibility and mobility

What is joint manipulation?

Optimus offers joint manipulation, which consists of a biomechanical review and possibly treatment of all joints in the body.

We investigate whether there should be so-called "locks" in the body and then increase the function by means of joint manipulations - which are typically known from treatment by a chiropractor or osteopath.

Important info!  

As such, your joints can NOT be locked or "stuck". Muscles around the joints can be extra tense, which can result in a tightness and feeling that something is not sitting as it should.

When we use joint manipulation we set  does not  a joint "in place", but triggers a stretching reflex, which results in muscles around the joint releasing, creating for a period of time a sense of freedom and flexibility.

For optimal and long-lasting effect, you should supplement the treatments with movement exercises.

When do we NOT recommend joint manipulation?

Basically, joint manipulations are safe. However, there are few exceptions where we will not use these techniques, as there may be a potential risk of injury.

At each consultation, we make sure that there are no contraindications to the treatment so you can feel in safe hands.

Do you need us to look at your body's biomechanics and help you increase joint mobility and create freedom?

Book an appointment today!

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