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Birgitte sought help for her neck & shoulder pain

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From the first time I walked in the door at David Do's, I noticed what a sympathetic, capable, and ambitious therapist David is. 

In the spring of 2018, I came to him for the first time for help. 

I had pain in my shoulder and in addition I had frequent and severe headaches.


David has helped me get rid of both  share. 

Today, both the pain in the shoulder and the headache are gone.


With David's expertise and knowledgeable knowledge and guidance as well as carefully selected home exercises by him, I quickly got much better. 

Of course, it is important that you make an effort yourself and follow David's instructions with discipline. In this way, the state of health will change positively.


With David, there is always an opportunity and a hope to get better. - He gives you a gentle push and shows the way to a happier and healthier body.


Think that your body deserves the best. 

David can help you with that. 

He is well educated, he has great experience, and he  do not give up.


Many thanks to David for his excellent help  that I got rid of the pain. 

It has given me joy and quality of life.


With great gratitude, David receives  my very warmest recommendations.


David Do  is extremely professional!


Top class!

Birgitte Ernst Bak
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